Friday, February 5, 2010


Who said it is all about grand words
And thought provoking visions
Who said it is about life changing ideas
Or challenging a societal norm

It need not always be verbose
May not be difficult
It shall never be similar
And need not be incomprehensible

It will have a few things
Will always have meaning
It will be a culmination of thoughts
A repository of notions

The more I see the more I believe
That it is always an experience
It is always an expression
And it shall always speak

Turning through pages of poetry
I see notions, ideas and often hurt
But I always see a soul
which makes every word so alive

The soul mirror

Peaks and troughs galore,  engulfing the auburn sky, shades of life it bore, uneven lows and familiar highs. Ocean’s blue is no compar...