Friday, October 9, 2009

Something in my coffee

Today there was an unknown feeling
Whilst entering the Coffee Pot
Pausing a step before the door
I tried to analyze the feeling
The Coffee Pot was a daily ritual
Then why the unfamiliarity today
I entered through the bright shiny door
The bell tinkered with my step
Looking around, I tried to spot my corner
Bright yellow checkered table
Sparkling gerberas beckoned me warmly
I sat staring at the bustle of penny lane
Amelia smiled warmly rushing to get my usual
I sat and pondered why the fuzz in my head
Why the uneasiness in my familiar space
My steaming cappuccino made me grin sheepishly
Amelia inquired why I looked lost
I stirred my coffee and tried to read my mind
Today there were flashes of speculation in my coffee
Today there was a lack of sang-froid
The Coffee Pot seemed far away from where I was
I tried not to admit that maybe I had overgrown my coffee
Today I had to face the fact
Moving from my home town to New York wasn’t the same
Today I guess I had to grow up and sip the reality
Which was staring at me in my coffee

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