About Me

I often call myself an amateur scribbler who is very passionate about writing and learning new things. Apart from “practicing law”, I also love to travel, indulge in culinary delights and dance. I believe that my writings are mystic at times and realistic at times. A reflection of me.. complex.. stubborn.. straightforward and an idealistic . It’s gibberish but in a sense I am bearing my soul .. discovering , loosing and rediscovering myself in the process... and putting the building blocks of happy while at it recreating and reinforcing that happiness is really my thing :)

Following are a few lines to describe moi .....

Penning down words,
As I look within,
Only to search for the true meaning,
The complexity of contradictions,
Yet the ethereal sense of direction,
The desire for yet another mile,
With the weapon of the smile,
When music bears the beat,
The lyrics are my feet,
Beckoning the positive side
Is what makes me ride,
Never settle for what’s given,
Always love that crazy vision,
And as I glide on life until
the bend,
I enjoy the odds .. cause I only get even!

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