Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Irksome questions

This is my list of questions which irk me for which I have no answers. There is no right or wrong way but its a great puzzle and I would love people to think about it- get irked, get puzzled, get bugged and surely wonder!!

So here goes- in no particular order!

1. Does planning in life help?
2. How important is luck/fate?
3. Why do we have days when we are so low?
4. Is chocolate and junk food a solace to troubled souls?
5. Do we ever practice what we preach?
6. How is it that the other side of the grass is always greener?
7. "Sex and the City', 'Friends'- feel good factors?
8. Is food a perpetual substitute?
9. The "Weight" issue (touche, touche)
10. Attempts at creativity?
11. How to survive the mundane?
12. Workplace- the days/nights of our lives- true/false?
13. The chick support group/the gang of gals- how imp?
14. Men... I mean do I need to add more??????
15. What's an ideal date/guy?
16. Are we all in the endless pursuit of happiness?
17. Where is the mind its own andwithout fear?
18. The elaborate and extended family- boon or bane?
19. Our to do list before we die?
20. The desire to do but never the time- is it applicable to each of us?
21. Are we all lazy or is it just me/
22. Learning to be satisfied/contentment- is it worth it?
23. Live your life courses?- Does it really help? (Get a life!)


Sycerith said...

good one, you sure do write a lot and damn irksome questions some are.
So why dont you drop your mail id in my blog
we sure have lots in common and can sure discuss a lot

mayuri said...

Add Q. No. 22 after no. 21 for me - which should be "Are we all crazy or its just me?".

Dankest Cartoon said...

I have a question??

Why do women have so many questions??

lavida said...

ain't just women dude!! So do men ) its just that we speak up:):)

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