Monday, December 22, 2008

The festive sniffle!

A sniffle in the cold
A whiff of the fresh brownie
A reason to shop
A season to give

A time when you are happy
A day when no secrets remain untold
A time of benevolence
A time of family and constant cheer

A day of forgiveness and blessings
A day to ensure that your mind’s at rest
A day to forget the past and brave forward
A day to enjoy the gift of the present

A time of bright colours and toys for all
A day of family and the blissful talk
A day of friendship and chatters
A day to love thy self

As the day approaches
I float over the festive times
And wish and hope that all year
Remains just so bright

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The tide

Like the full moon’s tide
You took me on a ride
Time paused as I continued to glide

Maturity in childlike glee
Fantasies of times to be
Thrill of life I got to see

Aromatic tea by the road
Splendid wine in a red code
Or just sneaking bottles of coke

Soon the tide rose high
Parting us with a sigh
Self created problems we let lie

We failed to see the simplicity
The meaning and tenacity
Of what we enjoyed so easily

The tide failed to abate
And we drifted to this state
And here we are to this date

I wish we could see
That the tide was for us to abate
Its us who control our own fate

I pray and hope in the full moon’s light
That we can see the better sight
And control our tide and its height.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

do u believe in magic

The beach road is long, winding and wide
The moon’s up tonight and with it the tide

Cars screech by, with evil glaring eyes
Down below the asphalt, the soul of the road cries

The beach is silent just like the night
Not a soul around save the devil in sight

The rumbling of the sea, and the swoosh of the trees
Makes me cherish moments as precious as these

Moments like these quite magical and rare
In solitude and with you I’d love to share

As I see the calmness of the sea’s sheen
I look for the same within

Nature in its sparkling splendor
Makes me stare in amazing wonder

The sea, the sand and the serenity
Shows the unique trinity

This magical moment seemed just for me
And I knew in my heart that it is meant to be

Monday, December 8, 2008

Of Days

There are days when I just sigh and wonder
About life, days and living
The steering of providence or the gears of our actions.
The acceleration of our thoughts or the brake of people’s reactions.
The unending winding roads or the seamless horizon
The creeping exhaustion or the unending exuberance

There are days when I am filled with cheer
About moments, people and occasions
The thrill of the living bliss or maybe just the fleeting kiss
The newness in the mundane or just smiling insane
The smooth sailing daily or the aroma of the freshly baked
The brightness of the skies or the sparkling sunset

Then there are days and days
About anxiety, anguish and puzzles
The days of despair and constant disgust or the sheer monotony of the mundane
The constant change in people or ever changing gravity
The flux outside and within or the deafening calmness around

There are always days, hours and moments
There is always a race with yourself, against time and in your mind
There is and there should always be the mystery of living
Being alive, feeling the glory and experiencing life
There will always be days but then again there will always be another day

Saturday, December 6, 2008

my eternity

Shall we ever know what is in store for us?
Like the past which each one of us were part of
Shall we ever be sure to achieve what we plan?
With nothing to surprise, confuse or hurt us
Will hard- work ever overcome fate?
Will love ever overcome hate?
Can the choice of fate to us be given?
Can we stop from being always driven?
When can the fury within me end?
When will we stop seeking amends?
Are these thoughts on all your minds?
Do you too search with no destination?
Waiting and seeking that only tribulation.
Await I shall for answers from thee
Till I find my own eternity.

misty mauve

Cold dreary winters in the moors
Mist and hail glisten the grassland
Moorish patches in their silvery splendor
The creeping sun behind the creek
The serene silence amidst the rustling winds
The glow of early rays
The sweet scent of wild flowers
In a vibrant purple haze
The mist sets the moors ablaze
I watch mesmerized in childlike glee
I close my eyes to savour thee
My misty mauve scene for eternity.

dance away

All I want to do is dance away
Sway and stay
All I want to do is spread my wings
Feel the air, feel the wind
Let the music play around
As I float with the sound
Fly away, far away
As the tunes pass my veins
All I want to do is dance away
Sway again
Makes my spirit high
As I gleefully tap my heels
Jive around
I never feel all alone
As I move with the beat
And my heart flies away
All I want to do is dance away
Sway and stay
Dance and sway
Dance away

build me ..

Build me up build me up
A road beyond perdition
Across the horizon
Braving the smoldering sun

Build me build me up
A bridge to eternity
Where I dance the walk
And feel the wind

Build me build me up
My journey
Make it memorable
Make it unreal

Build me..oh architect
This ethereal experience
Color it with your vision
Infuse life and if you can…infuse me!

For my grandmom- miss ya

Years of wisdom
Sparkle through
The trials, the triumphs
In your life
Glisten in your distant eyes

It was all yellow

Shining bright yellows
Braving the smoldering sun
Swaying in glory

Sunlight sparkling on
Engulfing the field warmly
Golden paradise

Maze in paradise
Millions of sunflowers snuggled close
Smiling at the sun

The soul mirror

Peaks and troughs galore,  engulfing the auburn sky, shades of life it bore, uneven lows and familiar highs. Ocean’s blue is no compar...