Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The one with the wings

The turns were the best

Creating swirls with every move

Some stayed at the circumference

and some reached the very core

As the intensity increased

The smell engulfed the surroundings

Creating an aura of comfort

Musings of known and unknown

There was a sense of comfort

And a sense of pride

Complex emotions ran high

As the aura radiated warmth

Complexity mixed with newness

Familiarity along with adventure

Glistening rain drop on the green

the smell of the monsoon earth

I stare at you

And you stare at me

The aroma engulfes me

As I snuggle closer to my coffee

Sunday, June 19, 2011

In search of greener grass

As I sat and wondered about my favorite subject “Life” I momentarily paused at a thought. The thought being is how are we always craving to be on the other side, wondering if this were to happen how would it be and if my life were to be different in this aspect how would it be… I wonder about the other side of the grass! Would I be thinking the same if I were on that side. What is that ultimate level of contentment?

I ask myself is this feeling of dissatisfaction with all of us? Is it something which is necessary to drive us in our ambitions or lack of it? Is dissatisfaction not good as it limits our horizon displeasing us with our current surroundings? The big question is dissatisfaction a driver or a deterrent?

I look back at my life and see that I have always craved for that extra edge, craved for the wee bit more. Has it helped me where I am? I would think it has, the dissatisfaction pushes me to do more things and be adventurous however, it can also be a nasty devil and really make me dislike the present.

Where does one draw the line in one’s mind? I keep wondering “ Is the other side of the grass greener or just different”?!?

Of being alive

Do you believe

Of Fairies n angels..

In this unreal world..

Do u believe

In Magical moments

In moments of love and passion

In glimpses of life and living

Feeling alive and lost together

Being in heaven and hell at once

This is your only chance

Do you believe

Try and relive

Your fairy moment

Its truly god sent

Your magical fairytale

Will always be with u

The fairy glides on…

And leaves sparkles of memories

And takes with it the hope of the future

I believe in this unreal magical world

I feel alive..

Do you?

The blessed sutra

The sutra blesses

For the union of all senses

Passion, desire, warmth of thine

Flow through one’s body like wine

The kama of the union bells

Like a body and its shadow dwells

Divine nature its glory it sends

To journey the search for an ethereal end

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The clouds engulf the rays
Sunshine peers through
Creating ribbons of dark
and patches of light

The pattern stretches on
with the rippling effect
and soon there are miles
of dark and bright

As the canvas explodes
each patch tells a story
of yesterday and today
of within and without

The blue below
reflects the same
playing its role to perfection
echoing the vastness

The greens bow
with reinforced faith
as they absorb the pattern
and reflect with glory

I stand mesmerized
as nature beckons me
to join the chain
and cast the spell

As I become them
and they become me
I realise the patterns
are just reflections of me 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It was just another day

She sat tapping her fingers

Waiting for her coffee

Smiling to herself

There was a thrill in the air

A spring in her step

A mysterious smile

There was glee

The coffee arrived

Hazelnut cold coffee

With a dash of whipped cream

Sparkling and bold

She sipped patiently

The chill of the coffee

Matched her thrill

Lifting her spirit even higher

Today was a day of reckoning

The day she broke all shackles

Of norms and bondage

Today she had to resurface afresh

Lived on the edge too long

It was her debut today

Performing at the lido show

Today he would finally become she

The soul mirror

Peaks and troughs galore,  engulfing the auburn sky, shades of life it bore, uneven lows and familiar highs. Ocean’s blue is no compar...