Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The tide

Like the full moon’s tide
You took me on a ride
Time paused as I continued to glide

Maturity in childlike glee
Fantasies of times to be
Thrill of life I got to see

Aromatic tea by the road
Splendid wine in a red code
Or just sneaking bottles of coke

Soon the tide rose high
Parting us with a sigh
Self created problems we let lie

We failed to see the simplicity
The meaning and tenacity
Of what we enjoyed so easily

The tide failed to abate
And we drifted to this state
And here we are to this date

I wish we could see
That the tide was for us to abate
Its us who control our own fate

I pray and hope in the full moon’s light
That we can see the better sight
And control our tide and its height.

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