Monday, December 8, 2008

Of Days

There are days when I just sigh and wonder
About life, days and living
The steering of providence or the gears of our actions.
The acceleration of our thoughts or the brake of people’s reactions.
The unending winding roads or the seamless horizon
The creeping exhaustion or the unending exuberance

There are days when I am filled with cheer
About moments, people and occasions
The thrill of the living bliss or maybe just the fleeting kiss
The newness in the mundane or just smiling insane
The smooth sailing daily or the aroma of the freshly baked
The brightness of the skies or the sparkling sunset

Then there are days and days
About anxiety, anguish and puzzles
The days of despair and constant disgust or the sheer monotony of the mundane
The constant change in people or ever changing gravity
The flux outside and within or the deafening calmness around

There are always days, hours and moments
There is always a race with yourself, against time and in your mind
There is and there should always be the mystery of living
Being alive, feeling the glory and experiencing life
There will always be days but then again there will always be another day

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