Saturday, December 6, 2008

my eternity

Shall we ever know what is in store for us?
Like the past which each one of us were part of
Shall we ever be sure to achieve what we plan?
With nothing to surprise, confuse or hurt us
Will hard- work ever overcome fate?
Will love ever overcome hate?
Can the choice of fate to us be given?
Can we stop from being always driven?
When can the fury within me end?
When will we stop seeking amends?
Are these thoughts on all your minds?
Do you too search with no destination?
Waiting and seeking that only tribulation.
Await I shall for answers from thee
Till I find my own eternity.

1 comment:

mayuri said...

I have all these thoughts / questions on my mind and you know what!! all the time!! Lets find the answers. Hope they are positive!! A real good one!!

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