Monday, January 5, 2009

The rage within

It was 9:15 am and she was late. She could visualize the boss fuming furiously. The after effects of the fuming were easily imaginable. Sherene was always running against time especially on Monday mornings. Why does life have to be so time bound she grumbled as she fled out of her door. Not only was the biting cold getting to her, the thought of the long hectic day with the fuming monster was no icing on the non existent cake.
The race continued at the never ending traffic light which seemed perpetually red. Sherene let out a yell in despair and started vigorously thumping the steering wheel. Suddenly she could see the street hawkers and beggars walking towards her car. Great! She thought to herself the last thing she needed was shooing them and missing the split second green signal.
Sherene randomly shook my head and started saying that she needed nothing, had no change to give nor could she buy anything much before anyone begged or offered anything for sale. Her rage brimmed higher as she cursed them under her breath. Why can’t they seek some employment and stop begging or do something worthwhile?
Just then, this old wrinkly lady with sagging skin and disjointed arms came and extended her hand. This was the hilt for Sherene, she screamed at her and said – “no change. Please get lost. I need to go. NO CHANGE.”
Having let out the scream, Sherene felt calmer but started feeling a bit guilty. There was no need to yell like that. Just then the signal turned green and just as Sherene pressed the accelerator she happened to glance at the old lady who had not left the side of the car. The old lady smiled a toothless smile, extended her hand and placed it on her head. “Bless you” she said.
The car raced ahead and Sherene for the first time felt calmer in her insatiable, irksome and baseless rage.

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