Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thirteen till I die?

The eerie Friday
The desolate road
The pitch dark gloomy night
The unknown, unforeseen incidents
The vagaries of the thirteenth

The mystically mauvish madness of embracing life
Understanding the eccentricities of "toblerone"
The essence of 'music and lyrics'
And the madness of 'bed of roses'

The quest to experimenting newness
And loosing oneself amidst
The triumphs and trials of days
Faced with the exhausting enthusiasm

The eeriness of the conventional friday
The vagaries of the thirteenth for all
But the insane factum of me
are my vagaries of thirteenth

The journey of years
The defining eccentricity
The unending quest
I relive my thirteenth every day

1 comment:

Dankest Cartoon said...

wat abt tobler1 and thirteenth?

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