Thursday, April 16, 2015

Everyday Nothings!

Snoozing alarm
Jump up and run wake up
Morning rituals
Multi-tasking homely chores
Serial cereal breakfast
Unending laborious road
Voluminous, unending, impersonal
Sometimes pointless
electronic communication
Machine coffee beans
More tele calls
Machine coffee beans
More tele calls
Home cooked goodness
Or grubby mass food
More machine coffee beans
Delayed Homecomings
Forgotten exercise regimes
Home chores
Home work
Home food
Homely to do’s and to do’s
Pointless idiot box
Screaming anchors
An exhausted self
Crash and burn
The tomorrow to do’s
Dreamless hours
….. snoozing alarms
Musings on everyday nothings

Just yours and mine everyday nothings! 

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