Tuesday, April 7, 2015

People.. perspectives and points to ponder

Some vital facts/ truths
  • People are inherently different
  • You are constantly trying to fit in
  • Survival and achievement of individual goals before anything is instinctive.
  • You will be happiest doing what you love with people you adore
  • You will adore people who you respect and who respect you
  • You will do your do but you will go that extra mile if you actually adore the people/business/ organization
  • Humane- ness in actions and thought is what matters ultimately
  • Instinctively you will not share or trust at the first go. Both of them need to be built
  • Recognize intangible/ unquantifiable achievements
  • Positivity beckons good times and eventually success
Perspectives on the points above
  • Organizations/ teams need to celebrate these inherent differences
  • Fit in but don’t try so hard. Don’t try so hard to be different also. Be the first rate version of yourself, maybe?
  • Align individual goals to organizational/team goals. But, maybe try and align organization/ team goals to individual goals too! (think about this one)
  • How to adore everyone when people are inherently different- by building a culture of friendship!- laugh (laugh a lot), talk about the weather, world politics, beauty contests, sunscreen, anything! Just make the connects beyond goals, numbers and work. You will then be the happiest in doing what you love, you will do it best because you will do it for the people you adore!
  • Respect beckons respect. Everyone and anyone deserves that. Give it. Don’t demand it. Let your work command respect. Let your style command respect. Let your ideas command respect. Whatever it takes. Try active listening
  • You do the above .. and everyone will go that extra mile.. because you want to not because you have to!
  • Be humane… Need I say more? Treat others like you would want to be treated.
  • People will share in an environment of trust. To build trust you need to build culture. A culture of togetherness, friendship, positivity and happiness. Build the vibe… trust will come.. people will share openly and success shall follow.
  • Recognise the goodness.. You cannot quantify all achievements. Some are tangible like clear goals, numbers etc. Some will be subtle. Recognise those. Call up the guy who stayed up at night to submit the bid. Have lunch with someone who prepared the briefing books. Look beyond the assembly line.. beyond the obvious.. People want to feel recognized, known.. Share success stories.. tell them that U matter!
  • Send out the positive signals.. Start with laughing a lot more.. meet in corridors and talk about the best thing which happened in your day… make it a place/ a team/ a business/ an organization which people want to be with forever.. Build positivity… It beckons everything which matters.. which all of us are striving to.
Random ramblings and perspectives.. Maybe somewhere something will stay with you!
Let me know what you think!

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