Thursday, August 21, 2008

Incredible India

I close my eyes and visualize
The bustling crowd
Amidst the deafening noise
The familiar clutter and the constant chatter
Shrieking cries of vendors plying by
The tinkering bells at the holy shrine
Shrieking hoarse for the all mighty’s grace
The smell of gastronomy at every step
making one a glutton without any stress
The smoldering sun and the sweaty mess
The dust, the confusion adds only to the zest
But enter into a trance I do
I see, I feel and breathe again
I feel the warmth of the smoldering sun
I feel the closeness in the deafening sounds
I taste life in the roadside snack
I have found my knack
Winding my way in thy crazy mess
Where what you do is everyone’s business
I feel annoyed and jubilant
Its incredible and irritatingly familiar
I open my eyes and heave a sigh
I know I traveled to reach the dome
Yes – its true. I am finally home!!!

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