Wednesday, August 27, 2008

life- how random can u get!!!!

As I sat and wondered about my favorite subject “Life” I momentarily paused at a thought. The thought being is how are we always craving to be on the other side, wondering if this were to happen how would it be and if my life were to be different in this aspect how would it be… I wonder about the other side of the grass! Would I be thinking the same if I were on that side. What is that ultimate level of contentment?

I ask myself is this feeling of dissatisfaction with all of us? Is it something which is necessary to drive us in our ambitions or lack of it? Is dissatisfaction not good as it limits our horizon displeasing us with our current surroundings? The big question is dissatisfaction a driver or a deterrent?
I look back at my life and see that I have always craved for that extra edge, craved for the wee bit more. Has it helped me where I am? I would think it has, the dissatisfaction pushes me to do more things and be adventurous however, it can also be a nasty devil and really make me dislike the present.
Where does one draw the line in one’s mind? I keep wondering “ Is the other side of the grass greener or just different”?!?

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