Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The picture of life

Painted colours, vibrant winds
Strokes of love ,with that heartfelt touch...
The pastel breathes
The picture blends
A shattering silence
Yet, the air strikes the music of life
The eternal bliss of starlit skies
The rustling leaves of oakwood trees..
The mindless glee that swept within
Soon,lightning and thunder creeps acrossthe winds howl by your side
But a strength I get by feel of you
An ease I know as i see you
And as nature calls and howls
I stand with you by my side
The canvass of life which speaks much more ..
Paints get washedthe colours speak no more.....
Portrait is soiled..
I look with not a tear in my eye
My beloved left without a sigh
And as nature covers her grave
The canvass falls
The canvass of my life brutally ends

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